Countries around the world embracing blockchain

A huge number of countries around the world are looking for legitimate values in order to endorse the cryptocurrency and blockchain along with that. The countries are ignoring the original philosophy that was linked to the bitcoin, that it is a tool that helps and protects the sovereign nation against many financial institutions and a huge number of regimes that are oppressive. 

Even some of the developed nations like China and the United States of America are also following some creative approaches in order to use the blockchain technology in various departments and developments for the nation. The smaller economies like the Virgin Islands and Malta are also using the crypto technology to expand and boost up their economies. Some of the countries in the world that are using the blockchain technology are.

The United States of America

With the regulations that have been imposed on the cryptocurrency in America and the way it is seen in the country, we cannot immediately assume this nation to be an active user of blockchain. But there surely are a huge number of departments in the American Government that are exploring and using various applications related to the blockchain. 

The most common example that can be seen is that America has an employment opportunity for private blockchain; they use it to award yearly grants to different departments. The project that handles it all is known as GrantSolutions. This process makes sure that there is a centralized record, keeping information about all the grants that have been given. This process also helps in easing up the whole process so that the grants can be renewed every year and distributed to the concerned department.

It has also been found that the United States Government has been working on building an encrypted data exchange project for healthcare. This incubator program will allow the citizens of the country to be able to store their personal healthcare information and swell it to the researchers if required.

The joint chiefs are also found to be using the technology that allows pilots to use blockchain in order to transfer the