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Blockchain accelerator to launch by Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra and local gov’t

In the southern state of Telangana, the Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra is launching a blockchain accelerator with the government. According to the economics times, this will reach heights and it will become nationwide for future accelerators.

This ‘’T block accelerator’’ will be used for blockchain start-ups and for real-world use and also for boosting industry growth. The IBC media will handle this accelerator program that developed following MOU that was dealt with by the government of Telangana and Tech Mahindra.

Blockchain’s future with tech Mahindra

The memorandum of understanding promises to make the largest city Telangana a ‘’blockchain capital of the world’’. Tech Mahindra’s global practice leader of blockchain unit told a reporter that they at tech Mahindra have been bullish in their efforts to expand the blockchain adoption global and in India. Their partnership with the government for state Telangana blockchain district stems from their desire to build a world-class support infrastructure for start-ups.

In the initial days of February,  the registration is open. This will include an intensive training program, workshops, multiple presentations and assignments on practice. The owners said that this will be beneficial in technology for other states too.

The Line between blockchain and cryptocurrencies in India

The Telangana blockchain district was introduced to promote a way for start-ups and institutes for working a wide range of applications.

The main reason behind this strategy is to get and provide relief, to get benefits, tax relief, and state-sponsored cloud storage subsidies. A special policy is made for the regulatory sandbox, for the educational initiatives and research and development institutes in Telangana.

The cryptocurrencies will remain foggy as this is decentralized in India. The local companies are hoping for the outcomes of the case at the Supreme court of India. The hearings have happened from 14 January to 23 January.

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