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Bitcoin to become superior to gold after halving

The halving of bitcoin happens every four years. The algorithm of bitcoin cuts the half reward. Because of this bitcoin will become inflation resistant and only 21 million bitcoin can only be mined. The last bitcoin possibly can be generated near around the year 2140. The bitcoin is halving at four years so next halving is significant and unexpected scenarios can happen.

Some of the enthusiasts estimated that if bitcoin balances the price of $12,000 - $15,000 then it will be profitable. And the other is claiming that bitcoin halving is already in progress with billions of dollars falling down in the crypto market.

The coinbase blog writer argued about cryptocurrency's future. He argued about bitcoin’s superiority over gold and other currencies. CO said that dollar value has declined and gold has risen at $35 per ounce. From 1971 to today, it is $1500. So, Shortage makes gold and bitcoin far more superior to the dollar.

Coinbase said that after having two BTC the hash rate is approaching all the time high level. For securing bitcoin, miners have to validate and timestamp each transaction so it will require resources and computing power. But, after May 2020, the issuance of the coins will drop to 6.25 bitcoins. So this will disappoint minders and use more energy at less bitcoin.

The CO said that no one knows how much perfect gold has been outputted. But anyone can check that with a basic computer with themselves. They can also check the bitcoin supply in existence. It is very difficult to verify gold purity but cryptocurrency can be easily checked and verified by running a node.

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