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Bitcoin Price Hits $10,000 in 2020 for the first time

Bitcoin hit a huge number in the market on Feb 9. It is the first time in 2020 that bitcoin hit a 10,000 $.  Bitcoin reached its highest last October and after that, this is the first time in 2020 that it hit 10,000 $. It is a record-breaking moment.

These five figures were noted by coinbase exchange and Cointelegraph markets. These markets showed data that after 3.00 am the BTC moved to 10,000 $ and that was a top spike and suddenly pulled down to $9,975. This was the first time that the five-figure number occurred. This January the gain was about 35% and before that, the pair traded as low as $6,400. This five-figure level was successive because of bitcoin futures markets.

Currently, Cointelegraph noted the price of bitcoin is $9,774 will probably gain again and but it will not stay at the five-figure number but that’s a great number of bitcoin.

The altcoins got success too with a rising of 2.27% to reach $225. The current market is at $283.9 with a bitcoin rate of 63.5%. The current bitcoin SV rate is 24.24% daily gain and can reach to $365.14. Before this week, the performance was great for the environment of investors with gains of 25%.

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