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Bitcoin breaks 500 million transaction milestone

From 2017, the bitcoin transaction has been doubled. In 2017 it was 250 million. On January 3, 2009, the bitcoin network did 500 million transactions.

According to the site Satoshi, There are now 500.0165 million transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. Satoshi showed that there is an increase in the number of transactions in blockchain per year. Before rising to 500 million, it has already crossed 250 million transactions. In the coming two years bitcoin can cross 1000 million.

Jameson Lopp said that ‘’ Today, as of block 00000000000000000001145bf2e7cb7f04df55feaf3b55d9f6511522bbbf333f at height 616064, bitcoin surpassed 500 million transactions confirmed on the blockchain.  The Twitter user known as Hodlonaut said that 500 million transactions confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain.

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