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Bitcoin and Ethereum are adopted by Vienna and Singapore stock exchanges

Singapore Exchange and The Vienna Stock Exchange are heating up to cryptocurrency.

Wiener Börse which is The Vienna Stock Exchange is now the third “official regulated market” global to enter a Bitcoin (BTC) product.

On the 1st of September, the exchange listed 21 Shares AG’s Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded stocks (ETPs), ‘ABTC’ and ‘AETH’

Thomas Rainer, who is the Wiener Börse’s head of development, told that the listing enables “experienced, local investors” to access the advantages that a stock market can give to crypto traders, including “monitored, regulated, and transparent trading with real-time information and secure settlement via their regular brokers.”

Hany Rashwan, who is the Chief Executive of 21Shares, noted that Wiener Börse's listings indicate that the Bitcoin ETPs are now accessible to all three ‘DACH’ nations — Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

“We are happy to share that Bitcoin is now accessible everywhere for both retail as well as institutional investors across the entire DACH region.”

He continued: “Outside the DACH region, no other jurisdiction globally provides such comprehensive and ample access to Bitcoin”

21Shares’ Ethereum and Bitcoin ETPs were also allowed to list on Deutsche Boerse’s XETRA reference market in July, which receives more than 90% of German share trades and roughly 30% of European ETF trading. Almost less than two years of working, 21Shares has brought more than $100 million worth of assets under management.

In another increase to the institutional choosing of cryptocurrency, Singapore Exchange (SGX) published it would list cost indexes for Bitcoin and Ethereum in cooperation with U.K.-based crypto data firm CryptoCompare.

While the indexes do not allow SGX customers to trade cryptocurrencies, the price feeds can be managed by different Singaporean firms attempting to launch BTC or ETH products as a way to follow the price changes of the crypto assets in real-time from a trusted source.

Simon Karaban who is the head of index services for SGX’s said:  “As the world moves swiftly towards digitization in the creation and accumulation of wealth, digital assets are increasingly being adopted by investors.”

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