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Binance had to freeze funds what Hackers tried to liquidate Upbit Crypto Exchange gains in late 2019

When the suspicious transaction was reported, Binance froze ETH earlier stolen from Upbit quickly and has initiated an investigation. Binance CEO told on Twitter that the money would shortly be returned to Upbit.

Whale Alert warned Binance on Twitter last Wednesday that roughly 137 ether had moved from an address linked to the Upbit hacker group to its wallets.

Binance’s CEO wrote:

“Frozen, will work with #UpBit to verify and get law enforcement involved and hand off the funds. Waiting for someone to complain on social media about us freezing funds. But fight bad actors, we must.”

These days are gone when hackers could just walk into the air by looting, like the person who stole 850,000 bitcoins from Mt. Gox in 2014.

Upbit endured a 342,000 ETH burglary in November 2019, with the sum representing $50 million at the hour of the hack. Because of the assault, mysterious hackers figured out how to take the assets by moving the ETH from Upbit's hot wallet to an unknown crypto address. In the beginning of December 2019 Whale Alert revealed movement of the stolen money. 

Upbit inevitably took various measures to shield its exchange from further assaults. By mid-January 2020, Upbit finished a security update in light of the assault, redoing its wallet framework for all exchanged crypto assets like ETH, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), XRP and EOS. 

In April 2020, Chainalysis partnered with Upbit. As a major aspect of the understanding, Upbit began utilizing Chainalysis' Know-Your-Transaction tool to give a safe exchanging surroundings and comply with the agreed procedures in the Asia-Pacific region.

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