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Another Surprising Option for Millions Of Google Chrome Users by Joe Rogan

With a 60% market share, Google Chrome is the world's leading Internet browser, but recently some of its market rivals are gaining ground mainly because of Chrome’s raising privacy concerns.

Globally renowned podcaster Joe Rogan, this week has been in popularity as he inked a big deal with Spotify, a well-known streaming service. He now revealed that he has been using Brave, the crypto-powered rival of Chrome to stay clear of Google’s overzealous tracking and Internet ads.

Joe Rogan

"There's so much value in knowing what you're up to; knowing where you're going, what you're buying, what you're saying," said Joe Rogan to his podcast guest - who has an American comedian, musician, and action, Reggie Watts - over a two-hour discussion.

"If you want to use Instagram or if you want to use Facebook, you're getting tracked," Rogan said, throwing light on a recent lawsuit of $5 billion filed against tech giant Google, guilty of tracking their users without their consent.

Rogan, who has guaranteed that his podcast gets upwards of 190 million downloads every month and is thought to have made $30 million a year ago, as per ongoing Forbes gauges, railed against advertisements that seem to pursue clients around the internet before conceding he utilizes Brave after it was referenced by Watts.

Brave, an open-source internet browser that plans to secure clients' privacy by blocking promotions and site trackers, has seen a flood in ubiquity as of late.

Brave this week uncovered it included 1.5 million months to month dynamic clients in April and May, taking its aggregate to 15 million.

The Brave Ads program, which rewards clients with the Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) digital currency for deliberately watching advertisements from accomplice brands, for example, Amazon, Verizon, Chipotle and PayPal, has additionally developed with its number of promotion battles moving from 255% to more than 1,500 from October 2019 to May 2020.

Brave, which propelled in 2017 after a monstrous $35 million introductory coin offering pledge drive, hopes to do well from the pattern toward information privacy and increased security concerns.

"People have had a long time to acclimate to Chrome but users don't like a lot of things about it," Brave's chief executive and former head of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, said previously.

"I'm going to do everything I can to protect myself," Watts told Rogan, saying he goes as far as possible "without being paranoid."

"The future is distributed," Watts added, nodding to illustrate Web3 Decentralization powered by Bitcoin’s underlying Blockchain technology.

Ironically, the podcast of Joe Rogan, titled The Joe Rogan Experience is completely funded by the YouTube ads and as a downloadable podcast.

Another major sponsor that Rogan now and then touted is Square Cash App, being the “best way to buy Bitcoins” introduced millions of people across the globe to digital currency a couple of years back.

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