Opening Your CryptoCurrency Business In Estonia vs Malta

Digital currencies have been all the fuss in last decade. Though there have been initial attempts to introduce a digital currency in early 90s, but they failed because of either fraudulent threats or financial reasons.


In the year 2009, an anonymous group of developers came up with an encrypted currency that used the peer-to-peer network for confirming transactions. In other words, there was no centralised authority involved to monitor the transactions. This allowed the users to make secure transactions, the log of which was made available publically.

The Europian countries have always accepted the notion of digital currency and are amongst the leading promotors and supporters of cryptocurrency projects. Amongst these, two countries- Estonia and Malta, are at the forefront of global cryptocurrency projects and its various verticals.

Let us not waste any more time and proceed to the topic at hand. In this article, you will find all the necessary information about starting your business in Malta and Estonia.

To begin setting up your business, you need to decide the vertical you wish to operate your business in. Of course, like any other business, there are many types of business related to cryptocurrency that you can begin with. Anyhow, there are three most popular businesses- cryptocurrency exchange, mining of cryptocurrency, and blockchain management.

The reason you need to decide the vertical is, both of these countries have different frameworks for a different type of business. For instance, Estonia provides two separate types of licenses to cryptocurrency business, whereas in Malta businesses have to conform to a different set of necessities.

Compare The Paperwork

Once you decide the vertical that you wish to operate in, both of these countries require you to file the paperwork. As already mentioned, Estonia and Malta lead business operations differently. While in estonia, business setup is quite easier, Malta business framework is a little complicated.

Estonian government offers a quick setup as compared to Maltese government. The initial period of registering and completing all the paperwork in Estonia is almost half of how much time it takes to register your cryprtocurrency business in Malta

Look Out For The Available Resources

As you may already know, Blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrency. This means there is a lot of scope for blockchain projects wherever there is a scope for cryptocurrency. Since, both the countries have different framework for such businesses, it is crucial to understand the what assisstance does these governments offer for new setups.

If you are considering Malta for setting up your business, you may require to go through a lot of paperwork, but it has an aged infrastructure to offer. Whereas, Estonia on the other hand, is known as one of the world’d first digital nation, often referred to as e-Estonia.

How Much Does The Initial Setup Cost

Lastly, you do understand that capital investment is a critical point of consideration whenever you begin with any business. While it would cost you around 730,000 Euros to setup business in Malta, it would cost you just 10,000 Euros to setup your crypto-business in Estonia.

If you look closely, Estonia will shine over Malta. But, it should be you, who should decide which country you set your business up in.

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