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Estonia e residency bank account

If you are a foreigner who wants to start a crypto company in the country, your best bet for smooth banking operations is opening an Estonia e residency bank account. E-residency in Estonia is where the government provides a digital identity to foreigners, allowing them to launch a global Estonia company. It will enable people to base their global companies in Estonia since it is a trusted EU country. It also means that your business or company will be audited in Estonia, and it will also pay tax to the country's government. 

There are numerous advantages to an e-residency for the country offering it. For example, as mentioned above, it gets to earn more in tax revenue. It also facilitates job creation, primarily when companies base their operations in Estonia. Meanwhile, applicants seeking e-residency will be required to provide some documents to prove your identity and country of origin. They include copies of your visa, passport, and even your bank statement.

If you already have an existing company and want to relocate to Estonia, you will likely be required to provide some of that company's details. For example, you might be required to provide employee records or proof of the company's location.

You can open an Estonia e resident bank account through a traditional bank or a digital bank account. Note, however, that traditional banks tend to offer a higher level of security. However, advances in technologies are making things better. For example, blockchain technology enhances the security of banking and remittance services since it is immutable. It means that digital bank accounts are also becoming more viable. 

Most people would prefer digital banking options for a variety of reasons. For example, digital banking services can be available through a smartphone app, which means that people can access banking services anywhere. Thus, mobility is what most people would go for, and it is also ideal for running a business or company remotely.

Since it will be your company's bank account, it will thus be used to store the company's capital, which can then be used for running costs. The same Estonia e resident bank account can be used to store funds arising from business activities such as the commission that the company earns from handling crypto transactions. A bank account is necessary whether you are starting a crypto company from scratch in Estonia or buying a ready-made company such as the ones sold by Consulting24.

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Everything You Need To Know About E-Residency Bank Accounts In Estonia    

Suppose you are looking for a country that will provide the highest growth potential for your cryptocurrency or blockchain-based business. In that case, the chances are that Estonia will be in the top ten countries to be shortlisted. It is because the state has very favorable crypto regulations as part of its plan to tap into more digital growth. 

Although Estonia is the right country to run your crypto business, they have elaborate guidelines that are necessary for discouraging fraudulent companies and scammers. For example, companies in the crypto segment must have a crypto exchange license and a virtual wallet license. The guidelines also require crypto companies in Estonia to have a bank account. It is a vital part of the process, just like it is the case for many other companies in different segments. Establishing a crypto company mandatorily requires to open a bank account, especially if you are a foreigner.

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Why do crypto companies need to have a local bank account

As noted earlier, Estonia's government has embraced cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, it requires companies in the segment to follow the strict guidelines.  Companies must, therefore, have a bank account that will allow them to conduct business legally. It will also be necessary for tax purposes. However, it has to be an Estonian bank, and this requirement is aimed at enforcing compliance.  

It is easier for the relevant government agencies to freeze a local account when a crypto company is involved in fraudulent activities. It is also easier to invoice customers through a local bank account as opposed to a foreign one. A local bank account is also a pre-requisite for securing crypto licenses in Estonia.

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Token sales

The crypto community has been exploring the use of tokens in the company to raise capital and as a unit of ownership in a company similar to how shares are the units of ownership in a company. Tokens can be traded easier than stocks, and this is what makes this the approach so attractive. It is the same reason why ICOs were initially so popular.

Companies can still use tokens for various purposes, such as raising capital or even purchases within their platforms. For example, e-commerce companies might adopt tokenization because it offers more convenience and significant cost-savings. Companies that use the tokenization approach still need bank accounts to hold the money raised from the tokens' sale. 

Which is the best bank for foreigners that want to launch crypto services in Estonia?

Many banks in Estonia provide banking services to crypto companies. Choosing the best might, thus, not be secure. However, anyone looking to launch a crypto company in the country should consider going through Consuting24. The consulting firm will not only help you set up the company and navigate most, if not all, of the processes, but it will also help you open a bank account.

Helping companies open bank accounts is also in the list of services that Consulting24 provides to its clients. So far, it has opened more than 15 bank accounts on behalf of its clients. It also has close ties to over 40 banks that will likely provide you with your company's banking services.



Crypto companies in Estonia must have bank accounts as part of the regulatory requirements and their banking needs. Companies are spoilt for choice when choosing a bank, and they can also access a digital banking option. Consulting24 is happy to help individuals launching companies in the entire process of registering their companies in Estonia and even applying for a bank account.

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