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What do you get when you purchase a ready-made company

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of what you will get when you purchase a ready-made company, keep in mind that it will cost you as much as 20,000 Euros. It is not much considering that you are practically getting easier access to the industry, and you would probably have had to spend just as much or around the same ballpark building your own company. Each ready-made company comes with a price tag as noted earlier and share capital you can visit the Estonia enterprise register to see the companies that are registered under Consulting24.

There is also a payment schedule that buyers need to follow so that they can start the process of ownership transfer, and for that, they will need to spend about 10,000 Euros on the process. You will also have to set up a notary date for which the company transfer will occur and even for the collection of the license transfer documents. Here’s what the amount covers.

  • A draft for risk appetite and AML internal rules of procedure.

  • One board member or shareholder.

  • Company registration and minimum share registration.

  • Introduction of banking options.

  • License application for providing virtual currency services.

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Consulting24 accepts payment for the above in USDT or Euros. Note that the price does not include compliance, although it is optional. Here is a breakdown of the costs that anyone acquiring a ready-made company should expect.


  • Office space in Tallinn City at roughly EUR500 per month.

  • Office equipment worth around EUR1500.

  • EUR2300 annually for accounting, which will be part of the company's annual report.

  • EUR4000 to recruit a local director.

  • EUR5000 for the recruitment of an AML officer. It is the person that will conduct audits for internal processes and also compile reports for the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

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Consulting24: The Best Crypto Service Provider In Estonia

Many companies provide services in the crypto space, but Consulting24 is arguably one of the top ones judging by its comprehensive services and unique approach to new market needs. It is arguably the strongest support of the crypto enterprise Estonia trend, where many crypto businesses are launching their operations in the country.


Consulting24 has strategically positioned itself as a vital service that helps businesses get closer to achieve this. One of how it does this is by helping businesses to go through the registration process successfully. Its most significant contribution to the enterprise Estonia trend is helping businesses secure the licenses they need to run their operations in the country. So far, it has helped to obtain over 300 licenses. 

The licenses are for crypto or blockchain companies that want to start providing their services in the country. The licenses allow the businesses to offer various services such as delivering crypto exchange services, providing crypto wallet services, token issuance through ICOs, and others. They enable companies in the crypto segment to offer game-changing solutions, making it possible for people to purchase cryptocurrencies through debit/credit card or bank transfers. They also provide terminals through which people can trade utility tokens or conduct transactions such as exchanging crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto and vice versa.

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Simplifying the entrepreneur’s dream through ready-made licensed companies


Imagine if you wanted to be an entrepreneur in the crypto space, but you wanted to get in as early as possible before the market becomes saturated. The good news is that if you have enough to invest in that dream, it can become a reality sooner than expected, thanks to Consulting24’s ready-made companies for sale.

It means that you can pick out the company that best suits the business approach you want to purchase from Consuting24's list of ready-made companies. The idea here is that it will save you a lot of time and resources that you would have otherwise invested in building a crypto company from scratch. You get a company that is already registered under the Estonia enterprise register, so you do not have to go through all those processes. The companies are already licensed, and so when you make your purchase, Consulting24 will transfer the company and also its licenses. It means you will need to go through a license transfer process.


The process leading up to the buyer’s ownership of a crypto company from Consulting24

the complexity of owning a company in any country means there has to be a strict process to ensure compliance and the likelihood of the company's success. This compliance is also aimed at ensuring that the company will meet all the regulatory requirements, which are also aimed at providing proper and trustworthy service delivery to the customers. Below are the critical aspects of the ownership process.

  • Contract signing.

  • Transfer of company shares through the notary. The process legally has to include the Power of Attorney. Also, the process can be done remotely, which means that one does not necessarily have to be there physically.

  • The new owner has to open a bank account for the company. It is necessary for depositing to share capital.

  • Recruiting a local director.

  • Setting up the company’s office.

  • Transfer of the company’s cryptocurrency services license to the new owner.

Of course, the new owner will be required to provide some documents and details such as copies of his ID and Passport, phone number, email address, and others. The new owner will also be required to provide criminal records of all of his new company’s personnel. 

Some of the advantages of purchasing a ready-made company over creating a new one

  • Since ready-made companies come with licenses already, a failed transfer attempt does not warrant a new license application.  A 6,000 Euro fee applies when re-applying for a new company.

  • The new owner can commence operations immediately when the license transfer is ongoing. However, owners in creating a new company have to wait for about 2 to 4 months to receive the paperwork before they can commence operations.

  • The entire process is faster for a ready-made company than for a new company, thus giving the buyer a ready-made company the advantage, especially if they need to start operations ASAP.

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