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Consulting24: A leading cryptocurrency consulting services company.

Over 500 licenses completed globally in Estonia and Lithuania.

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Mardo Soo, CEO of Consulting24, a dedicated crypto consulting service company
Mardo Soo
  • LinkedIn

As the chief executive at Consulting24, my primary goal is to help innovators navigate the complexities of launching their own cryptocurrency. Specializing in unravelling intricate procedures, especially around ICOs and token launches via ICO launchpad, we stand as a pivotal cryptocurrency consulting services company. Our unwavering commitment to streamlining the journey towards successful crypto operations. At Consulting24, we're not just about understanding the current crypto landscape; we're about shaping the future of crypto enterprises.

Lena Elvbakken, Founder  of Consulting24, a dedicated crypto consulting service company
Lena Elvbakken
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As a co-founder of Consulting24, our mission is to support pioneering entrepreneurs through the labyrinth of ICOs and token launches across crypto hotspots like Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai. As a preeminent cryptocurrency consulting services company, we are steadfast in our commitment to simplifying the processes related to crypto exchange and token launches. This dedication underscores our singular role in the sweeping global transformation of the crypto industry.

Estonia vs Lithuania vs Dubai: Launch Your Crypto Project

20 000€
20 000€
25 000€
License Type & Government fee
1. 9,700€ - Advisory Services & VA Transfer and Settlement Services
1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
2. 24,250€ - Broker-Dealer, Custody, Exchange, Lending and Borrowing & VA Management and Investment Services
No additional fee
10 000€
May be required by VARA
Not required
Monthly and yearly are needed
Can be virtual
AML (Anti-Money Laundry Officer)
Can be any nationality
Local needed
Local needed
AML monthly salary
Starting from 1200€
Starting from 2000€
Local director
Can be any nationality
Can be any nationality
Can be of any nationality, but have to live in Estonia
Share capital terms
25% now, 75% within a year.
Required share capital
24,250€ (Advisory Services) - 194,000€ (Exchange Services)
125 000€
100 000€ - Crypto wallet and custodian services license. 250000€ - Cryptocurrency exchange license

Mastering Crypto Exchange Launch: Key Advice for Navigating Licenses in Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai

a dedicated crypto consulting service company

Launching a crypto exchange is a complex process that necessitates the acquisition of a crypto license, which differs across countries. In this context, Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai stand out for their distinct licensing processes and advantages.

  • Estonia, renowned for its technologically advanced environment, offers a clear framework for crypto businesses and a favorable tax regime with 0% corporate tax. Additionally, it has a strong reputation for digital governance and crypto friendliness.

  • Lithuania is attractive for its moderate tax rates and explicit regulatory guidelines, making the licensing process transparent and straightforward. It is also part of the European Union, which could facilitate access to the European market.

  • Dubai, with its strategic location and business-centric climate, offers crypto licenses under its free zone authority. The jurisdiction has robust technology infrastructure and a reputation for being an international business hub.

When deciding on a crypto license, considerations should include the regulatory environment, tax implications, and overall business infrastructure. Engage a professional advisory like Consulting24 to assist you in assessing these elements and making an informed decision. Our experts can provide guidance tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

The Simplified Path to Token Launch: IDO and IEO Platforms for ICOs - Blockchain ICO Consulting Insights

Embarking on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) presents substantial legal, compliance, and technical challenges. It's crucial to note that conducting token sales through your own website necessitates crypto exchange licensing for buyer verification.

We, at Consulting24, often suggest alternatives such as Initial Dex Offerings (IDO) or Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO). These platforms present a more straightforward, reliable avenue for token launches.

In our capacity at Consulting24, we assist in initiating IDO or IEO launches by connecting our clients with prominent launchpads like Occam, Solanaprime, Sheesha Finance, as well as the foundations of networks like Velas or XDC. We're devoted to ensuring a smooth and successful token launch for our esteemed clients.

a dedicated crypto consulting service company

Undertaking your token launch via an IDO or IEO platform brings an array of compelling advantages:

  • Existing Community: These platforms boast a pre-established user base, creating a ready reservoir of potential investors for your token launch.

  • Marketing Aid: A majority of IDO/IEO platforms offer marketing support, an essential tool for generating interest and visibility for your token.

  • Regulatory Infrastructure: IDO/IEO platforms are equipped with pre-set legal and compliance frameworks. This significantly reduces the legal and compliance risks associated with token launches.

  • Efficiency and Simplicity: With these systems already in place, the token launching process becomes remarkably faster and simpler.

In summary, leveraging an IDO or IEO platform can be a streamlined, secure, and reliable way to launch your token into the market.

Why Consulting24?

Consulting24: Your Trusted Cryptocurrency Consulting Services Company with 500+ Licenses


Consulting24 Strongest in Estonia Award 2023. Looking for a crypto consulting service company
Consulting24 Strongest in Estonia Award 2020. Looking for a crypto consulting service company
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