Starting A Cryptocurrency Company In Estonia


With its rich experience in Blockchain consultancy in Estonia, Consulting24 has completed more than 200 crypto-company registrations and processed more than 100 crypto exchange licenses for its clients' world.

We continue to explore the enthusiastic blockchain market to grow the innovative financial technologies employed to start a company.

Requirements for starting up a company 


There are different cryptocurrency business types based on the primary activities carried out by an entity within various fields that we offer to our clients To start a company in Estonia, we guide our clients through the registration and licensing procedures and deploy our professional workforce to conduct the process while exercising due diligence.

Company name reservation

The Estonia company registration page enables entrepreneurs to validate the existence of their intended names of use. It is the first stage towards securing a start-up company. 

We strive to ensure that your company name is unique and way different from a registered company in Estonia. However, if the intended name is in use by another party, it is possible to consent over the use of the name from the original owner.
It is easier to do a name search over the website at no cost, thereby advantaging the most interested applicants. Where there exists a trademark name or other company name that matches your proposed company name, then a different name is required.

Company documents required

To start up a company in Estonia, our clients must provide all details as enlisted in the company registry 


  • A minimum of 2,500 euros share capital for private limited companies

  • Details of the company shareholders

  • Shareholders responsibility designations if any

  • Company address which must be Estonian

  • Specification of the company activities

  • Member’s e-Resident IDs

All details and documents provided shall be verified upon which the payments will be processed. The company registration prices vary based on the company activities and the number of members in the company. 


A start-up company in Estonia costs 2,500 Euros and would take up to 48hrs. All the members of the company must be e-Residents of Estonia before the registration can be completed.

Cryptocurrency Company licensing


We offer our clients a crypto-currency service provider license offered by the Estonia government and covers;

  • Virtual wallet service:

These permits for the provision of online currency services which enables the company to generate or keep keys for clients that can be used to keep, store, and transfer virtual currencies.

  • Exchange of virtual money against fiat currency:

The License allow parties to transact fiat money to crypto money and crypto money to fiat transactions.

  •  Exchanging virtual currency against the virtual currency:

The License allows fiat to crypto money and crypto money to crypto money transactions.

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Documents required for licensing

  • Criminal records certification.

  • Passport copies for the company directors

  • Local director/AML officer

  • Registered office address in Estonia

  • A bank account. 

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account is paramount for a start-up company and must equally be an Estonian bank. It will help the company invoicing its customers, distributing the benefits, and payment of suppliers.

Clients are required to provide;

  • A passport with a valid visa

  • Bank statements 

  • Licenses as proof of the business location

  • Employee records.


One may open a traditional bank account or a digital banking provider. All conventional banks are said to offer more security and adhere to the deposit guarantee fund that covers the company for up to 100,000 Euros in the event of a bank going bankrupt.

As an established and critical player in the crypto-exchange sector, we also enable our clients to sell crypto via debit and credit cards through the provision of their tokens. We accept euro deposits from clients to allow them to sell bitcoins.

The bank accounts enable the company to monitor and manage their daily activities while maintaining a reasonable cost.

e-Residency ID in Estonia

Registration of a company in Estonia requires e-Residency compliance. It provides access to many e-services that are accessible to Estonians.

Where not all the company members are Residents of Estonia, the applications will not be approved until all the members acquire the e-Residency. 

To acquire an e-Residency, you are required to visit our official e-Residency application then make an application by inputting your personal information including all the details. It would take between 3 to 4 weeks before the applications can be completed.

VAT number application

To start a company in Estonia, the company register requires that you register for a VAT number where;


  • The company offers digital products and services to European B2C customers

  • The company provides digital products and services to European and B2B clients from the first sale

  • The revenues are above 40,000 Euros per year. Also, if 

  • The company specializes in offering marketing, consulting or development services whose revenues go beyond 40,000 Euros per year; you shall be required to register for VAT.


VAT rates vary depending on the type of services offered in that 20% is charged for all products and services not listed in the 9% and 0% VAT rate category. 
Monthly tax remittances must be submitted on the 10th day of the next month and on the 20th of the next month for both income tax return and vat return. Failure to remit attracts penalties and interest rates. 

Consulting with us

We take care of the entire company start-up processes for our clients such as staff recruitments, office set-up, local director recruitments, workforce permit processing, among other procedures.

The entire processes are conducted electronically and without the need for middlemen to attain compliance. Most things shall be done online while also fulfilling the local requirements, such as statutory compliance, accountancy services, and banking. 

There are no hidden costs in operating businesses around the country. You can freely outsource services you may need by entering contracts and terminating the same when you need to.

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