Visioning a Fiat Cryptocurrency


Having affirmed its grip and professional experience in Blockchain consultancy, Consulting24 continues to pioneer various cryptocurrencies technology related financial activities. 

The company engages in helping entrepreneurs attain their maximum financial desires and obligations through the digitization of the fintech business to international scales.

Fiat Currency


It is a currency that lacks intrinsic value and was established under the government's legal tender regulations. It was based on the economy's credit. Fiat money was introduced as a substitute for the original commodity money and heavily relied on demand and supply laws.



Popularly known as a virtual currency, it is a platform designed to work as a mode of exchange. It entails the use of cryptography to help secure and verify transactions. The platform also helps in the generation of new units for a particular cryptocurrency.

Estonia Crypto Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is platforms that enable the acquisition, sell, or exchange of crypto to fiat and fiat currency to cryptocurrencies or other digital currencies.

Consulting24 through Binance offers clients three kinds of crypto-exchange platforms;

  • Direct trading. It involves the individual sellers exchanging direct currencies without external influence. Partners set a common ground for trading.

  • Trading platforms. They are commercial platforms that enable the buyers and sellers to connect by charging a fee from the transactions.

  • The brokerage also referred to as the foreign exchange dealers. They offer websites that are accessible to anyone to get cryptocurrencies at prices set by the broker.


With its experience in trading cryptocurrencies, Consulting24 ensures that clients can enjoy the services of a reputable, convenient, and flexible company that allows them to access multiple alternatives at a time to choose from.

The payment solutions offered include and are not limited to selling and purchasing of
cryptocurrencies by the use of both debit and credit cards. Our exchange platform provides its tokens and accepts Euro deposits from clients to sell Bitcoins.


Ranked the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform by volume of trade, Consulting24 ensures that clients trading through its platform are accessible to insurance for the coins held in their exchange, thereby building a trustable Estonian Crypto exchange platform.

Consulting24 ensures that it vets all the participants on its exchange platform, which essentially creates a secure platform away from all sorts of scams or money trafficking, which is against the legislation of the Estonian government.


Operating from a geographically suitable location, Consulting24 enables transactions from various players worldwide as its Estonian host equally provides enabling technology and tax environment.


Having created an enabling legal framework, Estonia remains to be the epicenter of financial companies aiming to scale up their technological operations and ventures into the trade of virtual currencies. Access to information has been made more accessible and can be done online at minimal guidance.


The Estonia Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are considered "secure investments" owing to the geographical locations and the lower tax rates involved as may be compared to the other European states.

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Fiat Money To Crypto Exchange

Since both fiat money and crypto money can both be accepted as means of payment and fiat money can be changed to crypto and crypto to fiat money, numerous differences exist between the two currencies.

1. Exchange aspect

Cryptocurrencies are computer generated and operate as private code pieces existing in the digital form and can only be exchanged via a digital platform. Fiat money exists in both digital and hard currency form. While digital platforms enable the exchange of money online, fiat money can still be transacted physically.

2. Storage

Cryptocurrencies rely on online storage as their only means of existence and are stored in the cryptocurrency wallets. As much as they may be secure holding points, numerous loopholes result in people losing their investments in them. Fiat money can be stored both as hard currency and on online provider platforms.

3. Legality

Cryptocurrencies are used as exchange mediums, which governments have no control over, thereby bypassing the control element from a central point of view. Fiat money is issued and control by the governments through their central banks and can issue policies that affect their demand and supply.

4. Distribution


Fiat money enjoys an unlimited supply since there exists no limit to the extend at which the government can produce. Cryptocurrencies exist in limited supply, meaning that the amount of coins in circulation can always be controlled.

5. Palpability

Fiat money exists in both a tangible nature and on the online platforms. Cryptocurrencies only exist in digital nature and do not have a physical feel.

Bridging The Gap Between Fiat Currency And Cryptocurrency

While owning a bank account and a debit or credit account enables the purchasing of cryptocurrencies, having a digital wallet makes it easier to conduct such transactions. The wallets have different capabilities, with a majority still  ecessitating the users to navigate between their digital wallets and the crypto wallet in the event of an exchange.

Although some exchanges permit the acquisition of cryptocurrencies by using fiat currencies, there are still other platforms that insist on purchases of cryptocurrencies by the use of Bitcoins.


Bridging the gap between fiat and digital currencies helps in creating monetary value retention in such a way that payment of individual exchange costs and taxes on foreign currency exchange are foregone.

Consulting24 Efficiencies

As a way of convincing the clients, Consulting24 providesthem with an online tool for e-Residents known as the  Companion for e-residents. It enables clients to run their businesses hustle free while they are away in other countries.

It also provides convenient accounts that enable our clients to access their bank accounts in both Euro and Sterling pounds, thereby ensuring fiat to crypto Estonia transactions and crypto to fiat Estonia transactions are conclusive.

With the best crypto exchange platforms, cryptocurrencies can easily be changed to fiat currency and vice-versa while having the utmost conveniences and flexibility. It is easier for all entrepreneurs who wish to access financial technology to have access by advancing the technology space.

To ensure uninterrupted operation in the crypto space, Consulting24 ensures that clients undergo the full processes and procedures of registration and licensing before trading in crypto-exchange.

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