How Consulting24 Helps Acquire A Crypto Exchange License in Estonia


The acquisition of the crypto exchange licenses in Estonia, especially to the new entrants in the industry, may sometimes be demanding. Consulting24 specializes in offering advisory services to clients in the Estonia market pertaining to the Blockchain space owing to its rich experience in the sector.

Why Consulting24?

Having helped its clients obtains 200+ crypto exchange licenses and 100+ registrations of new setups; Consulting24 continues to help businesses grow in the blockchain space for its Estonia's clients. It takes charge of all the processes required to start a new company or even the acquisition of an established company. The company's interests in exploring the various aspects of the blockchain industry serve as an ideal one-stop-shop for all matters relating to the crypto industry.

The company recently launched, a user-friendly exchange comparison domain. It has helped Bitcoin clients to be able to compare up to three exchanges in terms of currencies, countries supported, exchange fees, acceptable trading volumes, and payment methods that enable a client to acquire crypto since it has become a great way of helping in the multiplication of its investments.

Registration Process

To shield clients from the tedious search the company lists the processes and proper timelines required to complete the process. Here, the company's registration certificate with a minimum of 12,000 paid-up share capitals will first be required. This details the addresses, name, cell- phone numbers, identification document copy, bank account, and the applicant's email address. Sometimes, the officials may also require the description of planned activities and the CVs of the related persons. For new applicants, the registration process may take up to 48hours to acquire one and costs approximately 2,000 Euros. The police clearance certificate bearing the client’s details will also be required.

Licensing Process


The application for the crypto exchange license is started upon confirming the availability of the registration certificate and will take up to 2 months. It costs up to 10,000 Euros before one can be acquired. This license will, in essence, cover the virtual wallet service, which permits the provision of both cold and hot virtual currency services, thereby enabling the creation and storage of user keys with the aim of the transaction for the virtual currencies. The license also permits virtual currency transactions against other virtual currenciesand fiat transactions, which
entails virtual currency against fiat currency. Also, to note is that the company shares can and will be transferred through a power of attorney.

The Estonia government has one of the easiest requirements in terms of the acquisition of crypto-related licenses. Through its significant digital advancements, consulting24 helps in crypto exchange licensing to its clients at the most convenient of budgets by understanding the business needs while also advising on ways of leveraging their current status. It eases all the formalities required in the licensing processes.

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Other Factors To Be Considered

Consulting24 also helps its clients navigate other factors that may arise in the registration and crypto exchange licensing process in Estonia, such as business disposal through offering the best market prices and E-residency that entails guiding the clients on the best practices and requirements for gaining residency in Estonia. The registration process enables one to acquire a digital ID from anywhere around the world.

Equally, the company enables the registration of Crypto banking account solutions and making crypto price change analysis for the clients, among other matters affecting the licensing and registration protocols. Consulting24 also offers a detailed relocation analysis that details the full costs or relocation of a business to Estonia. The analysis includes business setups, statutory requirements, work permits, human resource and legal support, salary range within the industry, among other factors.

Summary-Working With Consulting24

Consulting24 being a key industry player in nurturing and helping grow the blockchain space, its rich experience continues to make it easier to get the crypto exchange license. As the number of exchanges continues to surge, finding a trustable partner has proven to be more difficult hence making it impossible to filter between what is right and not. Having enjoyed an excellent reputation as the most advanced nation in terms of technology, Estonia continues to pioneer certain critical concepts in the world thereby providing an enabling business environment for all players.

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