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The Pioneers in Crypto Consultancy.

Consulting24 and our Journey to 500 Licenses

Our Team

Mardo Soo, CEO of Consulting24, a dedicated crypto consultancy
Mardo Soo - CEO
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As CEO of Consulting24, Mardo exemplifies the essence of crypto consultancy in a manner reminiscent of Steve Jobs' impact on technology. His role transcends the simple acquisition of clients, fostering enduring partnerships. Mardo's leadership mirrors Jobs' knack for unraveling intricate domains - particularly, the maze of cryptocurrency.

Lena Elvbakken - Founder
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Lena, as co-founder and CEO of Consulting24, has become a beacon of guidance, expertly navigating innovators through the intricate processes of exchange and token initiations in crypto-friendly jurisdictions like Estonia, Lithuania, and Dubai. As a pivotal personality in the sphere of crypto consultancy, she distills the complexities of setting up a cryptocurrency exchange, thereby cementing Consulting24's influential role in the global crypto progression.

Lena Elvbakken, Founder  of Consulting24, a dedicated crypto consultancy

Our Client Base

Our Advisory  Projects

Estonia, Lithuania, Dubai: An In-depth Study of Crypto Exchange Licensing."

In the cryptocurrency exchange realm, acquiring a crypto license is essential. However, the features of this key vary across different jurisdictions, each having its unique advantages and procedures:

  • Estonia: Being a tech-forward country with a well-defined blueprint for crypto businesses, Estonia presents an attractive case. With an outstanding 0% corporate tax, it has embraced the digital transformation, making it a favored location for crypto enterprises.

  • Lithuania: Distinguished by its balanced tax system and clear regulatory guidelines, Lithuania brings transparency to the licensing process. As an EU member, Lithuania also offers access to the expansive European market.

  • Dubai: Owing to its strategic position and business-friendly climate, Dubai grants crypto licenses through its free zone authority. Its robust tech infrastructure and reputation as a global business hub make it a sought-after destination for crypto business.

The optimal choice for your crypto license requires a thorough comprehension of the regulatory environment, tax implications, and business infrastructure. This is where Consulting24 comes in:

  • Consulting24: We offer bespoke advice, creating a pathway that suits your unique requirements and goals. Like the ideal key, we mold ourselves to fit your lock, assisting you in unlocking your successful crypto venture.

Looking for a crypto consultancy

Estonia vs. Lithuania vs. Dubai: An Analysis of Crypto Licensing.

20 000€
20 000€
25 000€
License Type & Government fee
1. 9,700€ - Advisory Services & VA Transfer and Settlement Services
1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
1. Cryptocurrency exchange license 2. Crypto wallet and custodian services license
2. 24,250€ - Broker-Dealer, Custody, Exchange, Lending and Borrowing & VA Management and Investment Services
No additional fee
10 000€
May be required by VARA
Not required
Monthly and yearly are needed
Can be virtual
AML (Anti-Money Laundry Officer)
Can be any nationality
Local needed
Local needed
AML monthly salary
Starting from 1200€
Starting from 2000€
Local director
Can be any nationality
Can be any nationality
Can be of any nationality, but have to live in Estonia
Share capital terms
25% now, 75% within a year.
Required share capital
24,250€ (Advisory Services) - 194,000€ (Exchange Services)
125 000€
100 000€ - Crypto wallet and custodian services license. 250000€ - Cryptocurrency exchange license

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Why Consulting24?

Crypto Consultancy with Over 500 Licenses Accomplished


Consulting24 Strongest in Estonia Award 2023. Looking for a crypto consultancy
Consulting24 Strongest in Estonia Award 2020. Looking for a crypto consultancy
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