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Consulting24 – The Best Company Formation Service In Estonia

Technology has always been a critical driver that facilitates growth in many facets of our modern societies. Companies and even countries leverage growth opportunities that arise through new technologies. For example, the dawn of the internet age back in the 1970s and the 1980s allowed many countries to make leaps and bounds as the internet, which was relatively new at the time, paved the way for the formation of significant companies.  

The hype around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology within the past 10 years alone has been similar to the hype around the internet before the century. Some say that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the next major leap in technology. The efficiencies delivered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are far more superior to the existing technology, thus reinforcing the likelihood of deep integration in the next few years. It explains why cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused companies are coming up because they identify the need to tap into the growth potential.

Some countries are also identifying the growth opportunities presenting themselves. Estonia is one of the countries that are determined to leverage the growth opportunities that have been presented by the cryptocurrencies and blockchain industry.

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Why Estonia is so crypto-friendly


The country has implemented a structure that makes it an attractive place to start a crypto or blockchain company. The idea is to make Estonia the Silicon Valley of cryptocurrencies, which will, in turn, allow the country's government to earn significant revenue through taxes from those companies. The companies will also create employment for local talent, thus creating a win-win situation. It looks like the strategy has been working because the number of companies setting up shop in Estonia has been on the rise.

Consulting24’s role in the grand scheme of things


Cosulting24 is one of the services launched to cater to some of the needs arising from the cryptocurrency industry's development. Estonia not only supports the launch of crypto and blockchain companies by locals but also by foreigners looking to take advantage of the easier business environment in the country. Anyone launching a cryptocurrency or blockchain company in the country needs to understand the requirements and guidelines that will allow them to be fully compliant. Consulting24 was created to guide companies in that pursuit and has so far evolved to become the best company formation service in Estonia.

Consulting24 has so far facilitated the formation and licensing of more than 300 crypto companies in Estonia. It is the ideal avenue for anyone planning to create a company in Estonia or license an already-existing foreign company that wants to move its operations into the country. Consulting services in the crypto and blockchain in Estonia and any other country are essential, especially when attracting investors into space. They provide an avenue through which individuals who want to create legal and licensed companies go through the licensing process as fast as possible to commence operations quickly.

Going through the best company formation channels eliminates the risk of license denial while also expediting the entire process. In most cases, individuals forming companies do not understand the full scope of requirements they will have to secure the necessary licenses and legal status required before they commence normal business operations. This is why it makes a lot of sense to go through a service that can consult on the best company formation path. It explains why Consulting24 is in such high demand at the moment.

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Service portfolio

Consulting24 has become well-established in Estonia as the best company formation service thanks to its founder’s ability to notice and take advantage of market niches in the blockchain and crypto segments. It offers a portfolio of services designed to make the entire process of registering a company in Estonia as easy and hassle-free as possible. For example, the company offers a package through which it covers the following processes on behalf of the company owners for €22,000. They include;

  • Company registration

  • Crypto service license

  • Registering share capital

  • Securing AML documents

  • Tax audits

  • HR support

  • Office space

  • Legal support

  • Relocation support

  • Salary analysis


If you want to start a new company, then Consulting24 will have your company running in a few weeks. The consulting service staff has a deep understanding of the entire process, such as the tax system, and they will even help you find staff for your company. They are adequately prepared to guide the above-listed facets.

Consulting24 relocation cost analysis


Consulting24 also provides its services to companies that already exist but would like to relocate their operations to Estonia, perhaps to enjoy the better crypto business environment. The staff members at the consultancy service will conduct an in-depth analysis of the cost of moving to Estonia, including things like the cost of work permits for your staff and business setup, among other factors.


The relocation services are a practical approach because it allows foreign companies to plan more accurately for such a significant shift, thus delivering more efficiency. Shifting to a different country can be quite a stressful affair, but it becomes smoother when consulting services such as Consulting24 are concerned.

The banking situation


Opening a bank account in a foreign country can be quite stressful, mainly because you might not have the proper documentation. Even if you do, getting a bank to provide a bank account for cryptocurrency services might be a bit of a stretch due to the lack of trust. However, Consulting24 is already well-established, and it has been working with numerous banks. Securing bank accounts for companies that have contracted its services is thus on the list of services.




Although Estonia has made it significantly affordable for crypto companies to launch its operations in the country, there are still significant entry barriers. Consulting24 strategically positions itself as an ideal service that helps local and international entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of setting up an Estonia company. It is the best company formation service that companies need to achieve regulatory compliance to operate legally in the country.

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